Second session for Recording Clinic added March 24-25

Since the first clinic sold out in a matter of hours, I'm going to run a second one with the same curriculum. This one is going to be a sort of 101 Survey of recording and mixing, geared toward the beginning to intermediate home recordist, and will focus on recording actual instruments and human beings. The clinic will run over two eight hour days March 24-25.

We're going to spend the first day covering tracking. Topics will include instrument and amplifier setup, mic choice and placement, proper gain staging and recording levels, equalization and compression at the recording stage, etc. We'll examine the applications of these things to the most common instruments in the rock and pop world: drum kit, bass, guitar, voice, perhaps keys as well.

The second day will cover the basics of mixing, once again including gain staging and the application of compression and equalization, organizing your session, time based effects, sends, returns, and groups, mix bus processing, and maximizing your efficiency as a mixer. If time allows, we can also workshop the completed mixes of willing participants.

And, of course, plenty of Q and A along the way.

We're gonna be working in ProTools, but I'm going to do everything I can to make the clinic DAW-agnostic - chances are you can apply these techniques to the DAW or recording medium of your choice.

Cost for the two day clinic is $250 per person including lunch each day. To keep it hands-on and manageable, I'm limiting it to eight participants on a first come, first served basis. The clinic will only run if I get enough participants.

To confirm a spot, or if you've got questions, please contact me via email.

Jonathan Wyman